Successful pilot project at Hamburg vocational school

With a training preparation class (AVK) of the vocational school H13 in Hamburg- Eppendorf, the project week “Discover programming with the micro bit” took place in June 2017. During a three-day workshop to promote interest and potential in the field of computer science, the students were able to test their knowledge and skills. On the first day, most of them could hardly explain what python is, but at the final meeting, all of them were able to control a BBC: micro bit using the python programming language. The project offers educational institutions, regardless of age, origin and gender, free of charge, the opportunity to choose from various topics in computer science and to discover a new world with experienced and enthusiastic people and to network with an international community. An integral part of the project, which is supported by the Python Software Association, is, among other things, the critical examination of digitalization and openness. Further projects at Hamburg schools are being planned.

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