OESA e.V. welcomes new members and all those who wish to actively participate in the association.

In our community, we bring together many different perspectives, expertise and opportunities in a global network of constant exchange.

As a member…

  • you will receive regular updates about current OER and FLOSS topics
  • you can participate in interesting events,
  • become part of an international network and make contacts,
  • contribute ideas and discuss topics from education to informatics with like-minded people
  • and more!

Membership fee

You can decide for yourself how much this is worth to you. The minimum contribution is twenty euros per year, which is due on 01 January of the year. 

Bank transfer:

OpenEducation and Software Association

IBAN DE78 2004 0000 0418 9858 00


or Paypal:

Application for admission

I hereby apply to become a member of OESA – Open Education and Software Association e.V. with a membership fee of at least 20 Euro per year: