Regardless of age, gender, origin and other personal characteristics, everyone should have access to the web and high-quality content, because education is a fundamental right. The prerequisites for this are technical infrastructure and consistent quality assurance of educational content. OESA e.V. has set itself the task of helping to optimize these prerequisites.


We support open education and software. This is because the idea behind it is to develop something collaboratively. Nevertheless, intellectual property should be valued and protected, which is why a globally uniform licensing of open content is essential. We show our support by setting a good example and using open source software and tools, and by providing information and advice on the subject. In addition, we provide all our educational materials as OER materials with CC licenses.


Drawing on the wealth of ideas from around the world requires collaborative working. OESA e.V. makes this happen through mentoring programs and the knowledge pool of the international network.


These core ideas are interdependent and sustainable and forward-looking in both private and professional contexts. Therefore, competencies, knowledge and awareness of open practices are essential. OESA e.V. has therefore besides the core activity of establishing open software use and related open innovative teaching and learning concepts also an informative mission and organizes info events, workshops, projects and much more. You need support? You want to be part of it? Contact us!