FLAGTACK is an international GPS-based online game that is available as a mobile application for Android and iOS and combines the concepts of scavenger hunts and geocaching. Players use their cell phones and the app to search for physical or virtual items on the map. These items are mostly linked to fixed GPS coordinates. As soon as the players approach these coordinates, these items can be collected and the players are credited with virtual points.

FLAGSTACK was launched in 2015 and has been managed by a limited company ever since. Today, the passionate Flagstack community comprises over 500 active players, the Flaghunters. In February 2024, the source code was handed over to OESA and the access points and servers were migrated. The motivation behind this was to transform the software into an open-source project that is actively shaped by the dedicated community.

Since the migration, volunteers have been involved in the Admins, Organizer and Communicator flag teams to improve and further develop the software, organize events and create support and exchange opportunities. In the future, existing APIs are to be gradually replaced by open alternatives and club-supported community work is to be established.

We look forward to ideas, exchanges and collaborations within the framework of Flagstack at info@flagstack.net.


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