Interest in and knowledge of the conscious use of media, technical know-how and a critical approach to digitization are essential aspects of an open mind and the ability to act. They enable people to act independently and meaningfully and to help shape their own environment. The non-profit Open Education and Software Association e.V. (OESA) strives for the development of a digital infrastructure, free teaching and learning platforms, as well as international and interdisciplinary networking.

OESA e.V. is dedicated to further education in computer science and the development of free software as well as to the advancement of digital and medial teaching and learning processes. Through the conception of diverse teaching offers and the organization of networking meetings and discussion groups with people from different countries and disciplines, an international, interdisciplinary exchange in a growing community is created. The statutes of the association can be viewed here.

We support you!

We support educational institutions in positioning themselves for the future and in incorporating the topic of digitization and openness into their structure, both didactically and in terms of content. We bring a variety of tools and techniques and adapt to your needs!

Depending on the size of the group, the target group and the level of knowledge, the content and topics can be adapted as needed, from data protection to technical expertise to learning a programming language. We are particularly committed to the topic of open educational resources (OER) and open software (open source), based on data economy, low-threshold and accessibility. More information can be found on our project formats page.