Code of Conduct

Our values

Welcome to the Open Education and Software Association e.V. (OESA). Our community is based on strong values that we live and cultivate. Our actions and our cooperation are guided by these values:


Our foundation is the one for all principle. We stand for community care instead of management. We focus on constructive cooperation, exchange, networking and commitment. We realize common goals. We collectively strive to help shape our society. We see ourselves as a community for all members of society, regardless of socio-economic status, level of education, age, health, religious affiliation, language skills and other personal characteristics.


We understand our responsibility in social and societal terms, i.e. we value inclusion, diversity, equal opportunities, justice, respect and sustainability. Transparency and conscious, critical reflection are essential for us in order to take responsibility for value-creating cooperation. Each individual contributes to creating an open and inclusive community. We strive to make our work as accessible as possible and always address all areas of society. We explicitly consider the perspectives and access barriers of structurally disadvantaged groups of people.


We act freely in the sense of the concept of openness, i.e. self-determination, digital sovereignty, independence, access to knowledge and education are at the center of our actions. We promote agility, collaboration, autonomy, critical reflection, creativity, innovation and continuous development.

Association structure

As an association registered in Germany, we are also subject to the provisions of German legislation. We do not tolerate our employees and volunteers violating applicable law and the ethical standards described here.

Our association consists of its members and the Board of Directors. The rights and obligations of the members are set out in our Articles of Association, which are legally binding above our Code of Conduct.

As an association, we are subject to the basic principles of non-profit status. This means that our activities always serve the common good and are not organized for our own benefit or for profit.

Donations and funding from sponsoring memberships are used exclusively for charitable purposes.

Apart from these consensual, generally valid basic principles, political, ideological and religious (value) neutrality applies in our cooperation for all members and persons representing the association.


Decisions are made through a transparent process that is based on our values. Our Articles of Association and this Code of Conduct serve as a guide in decision-making processes.

Copyright & protection of intellectual property

All infringements of copyright and personal rights will not be tolerated. We respect copyright and rely on open usage rights such as Creative Commons as well as Free, Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS). In line with our values, we always strive for the most comprehensive rights of use.

Declaration of transparency

Our statutes are publicly accessible. Finances, decisions, projects, events, etc. are communicated openly. Outsiders and members are given opportunities to help shape the association.

Data protection and security

All employees, full-time staff and volunteers handle personal and internal data responsibly in accordance with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We use password managers for internal purposes and lock our screens when we leave them. In the interests of data sovereignty, we strive to provide services with locations in Germany and the EU. We rely on the use of open source software.

Climate protection

We are committed to climate protection and digital sufficiency in order to promote sustainable digital practices. This is our responsibility.

Confidentiality & communication

We value transparent communication and respectful interaction with one another. Commercial content is not welcome.

Our language guidelines apply to both public and private messages that run via OESA’s technical infrastructures.


The use of gender-appropriate language is a matter of course for us. We respect and use people’s preferred pronouns.

Hate and hate speech have no place in our community. We take a stand against all forms of group-based misanthropy and treat each other with respect and appreciation.

Threats, insults, defamation, slander, vilification of persons or organizations, vulgar terms, glorification of violence, discrimination, racism, xenophobia or sexism, as well as inhuman or anti-constitutional posts have no place in our community.

Warnings and bans

In the event of violations, registered by OESA itself or reported by others, a warning will be issued. If there is a further violation, the board can decide by simple majority to ban the person concerned.

We are pleased that you are part of our community and ask you to respect these principles and actively contribute to creating a positive and supportive atmosphere. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Together we create an open, responsible and free community at OESA.